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Cocoa Monster Outreach 2021

As the lenten season comes to a close, we look back at our outreach activities for the past 40 days. We took part in reaching over 10,000 persons/families, hoping to make their day a bit brighter with nature’s dose of “happy” - chocolates! From our national athletes training hard in a bubble to qualify for the Olympics, to healthcare frontliners, orphanages, feeding programs and relief packs via our religious communities and city officials, to even our community security guards and maintenance teams. Thank you all for your hard work amidst these challenging times, may we continue to move forward and be reminded by this Easter to look to brighter days ahead.

Thanks especially for all those who helped make our outreach activities possible - family, friends, @catarambulo , @mamachows , @brandbuzzph_helps , @srmags , @coach.sonny.montalvo , it was amazing to see all the good that could happen when we all work together. And lastly, thanks for those who shared their heartwarming messages and pictures with us ❤️

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